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Carers fairy tales


I was supporting three teenagers yesterday morning. Two of them are sisters I worked with more than a year ago. They are well protein fed big, smiling kids.

 Saying hello at the doors to them I asked whether they remember my name.

-Yes, you took us to the shops to buy chocolates for our mum, one of the sisters said.


She allowed me to remember the day they came to our Respite for their first stay:

Their Mum being scared how their girls could cope with the new place, new routines and new carers around. Her feelings that the only thing her girls required is unconditional love and it is not offered by any other person than herself. Her precision in written and oral directions about her daughters’ routines and needs. Her slightly ashamed smile when leaving her girls with us.

I do not know whether the reason they stayed in Respite was in their Mum`s party but I learned this was her birthday.

I was talking with girls what to do for their Mum for her birthday. One of them drew a picture full of tiny fantastic characters.

-More, we need more than one drawing and from both of them, not one only.

-Why not walk to Narra shops to buy a box of chocolates?- I asked.

I can`t remember the walk to the shops, what the chocolates box looked like, whether it was paid with girls pocket money,  my own or house’s petty cash ones- doesn’t matter, it was just a few dollars.

I was not present when, the next day, sisters were picked up by their Mum.

I didn't ask anybody what giving birthday gift looked like.

I haven't seen them until yesterday morning.


This morning, with girls' memories I`ve got more than one could expect- appreciation of my work.

Appreciation/good memory of the idea I wanted to give to them or to any other kid I work with:  that giving is as good as receiving.

 It made my day, putting away all workplace problems with cutting my hours to AUD 700 per fortnight or meaning of Duty of Care ,  just a story of two girls and their mum`s birthday gift.

sobota, 13 maja 2017, neospasmin