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poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2015

 “A consortium of not-for-profit organizations led by Bernardos Australia has won the ACT government's latest contract for out of home care services for children.

The continuity of care tender as part of the Step Up for Our Kids foster and kinship care strategy was announced by Children and Young People's Minister Mick Gentleman on Tuesday, bringing together Barnardos, the Australian Childhood Foundation, OzChild, Premier Youth Works and Relationships Australia.”

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 Let`s try to translate it from modern, bureaucratic newspeak to the language understandable by mothers, fathers, children we all are:

 Number of kids that in the past suffered from neglect, suffered from taking them from their natural parents, trying to rebuild their safety, trust towards others, trying to live as other children do are facing new blow;  the government decided that they will be moving out from their present care environment.

The reason is clearly explained by Mr. Gentleman. It`s not for children sake, it`s solely a question of money.


One could say kids in out of home services are used to being losers: they lost as much as no other person should ever lose in their life: their parents and their home.

It`s not true; all the kids I know are working hard to establish their lives again.

Almost all we got from our parents they need to get from strangers.

Their webs of   positive emotions, webs of home values, webs of normal contacts with others are very fragile.

Relations with carers, positive emotions connected with places they are living in are growing slowly but continuously.     

This is the main task of every person around them – to let them grow. To let kids heal the wounds from their past.

This is a task for everyone. Excluding Mr. Gentleman.

 In language of psychology an out of home care situation these kids are facing now is called grief and loss.

  The kids I’m writing about were sold like slaves on auction. Like ACT government slaves and no explanation could clarify it.

 Is there any?  Can losing their homes, losing people they believe in be balanced with “value for money” as Mr. Gentleman described outcomes of the auction he has organized?


 Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania napalm girl

The Pulitzer Prize-winning “Napalm Girl” photo. Photo by Nick Ut/Associated Press


No, it`s not understandable for the ACT children treated as little slaves as it was for the Napalm Girl “struggling for democracy” as a reason of what happened to her.

 Those are kids’ emotions, which as a carer I have to help them cope with. I need to show to them my smiling face facilitating their transition as much as possible. I need to present the cruel decision of ACT Children and Youth Minister as another fun even in their lives. Fun of being treated like ACT property asset.




I could easily imagine the way Mr Gentleman arrived at his decision.

He was asked by ACT Premier to help him cope with budget issues:

-You know, it was Tony Abbot with his Public Service cuts that caused us major problems.

Less public servants in Canberra, means smaller ACT budget income: we are going down.

We need to cut the expenditure now. I`d like you to help me to do it in Youth and Children area. I`d like you to do it ASAP. No matter how- our main task is to survive Libs attack on the ACT public service.

 And Mr Gentleman said “Yes, we can!”

His first decision was turning “ACT Children and Youth Minister Vision and Values” into “ACT Children and Youth Minister Vision and Value for Money”.

It`s very impressive to observe how Labour Party member such as Mr. Gentleman is cutting funds to the most vulnerable- kids living out of homes. Labour Party, who would ever imagine you could expect that from you….


It`s fascinating for me that there appears to be no person, no advisor, no officer who said it`s not okay, our first task is young person`s welbeing, their stability not budget.

Was there no person that suggested Mr. Gentleman should organize an auction not for all the kids in out of home care but for newcomers only?

Was there no person who asked Mr Gentleman to discuss every dollar spent under present contracts as it`s common within long period business relationships rather than cutting them?

Was there no person who was able to inform Mr Gentleman that the vast part of service providers costs are workforce costs? If so how come “value for money”? How would cheaper/less staff would give services of comparable quality? How come, Mr Gentleman`s  advisors?

Why Minister for Children and Youth did not get the above mentioned feedback?

Are his advisors’ more interested in the welbeing of their mortgages rather than the welbeing of the kids under the ACT care?


 I could be wrong of course:  there was nobody who stood up for these children because according to Australian history passing kids from one caretaker to another is absolutely okay.

This tradition comes straight from Darwinism and says that proper rising of children is based on money not emotions.

Examples of such traditions can be seen in legalized removal of newborns from teenage single mothers and passing them to foster families as it was done until `70`s., or “Stolen generation” tragedy in Indigenous communities.

If this is a reason for what is being done to the ACT out of home care kids then 2010 Kevin Rudd`s parliamentary  apology was fake particularly in light of this decision of the ACT government.


This Darwinists approach to the kids emotional lives could explain also why there was even not a single word of protest against this auction. None of the government agencies, kids rights organizations, human rights organizations, public trustees, lawyers, churches notables, local assembly members, opposition to the govt., media, Canberra Times readers at least - they are all silent.  

Are pedophiles the only people interested in ACT kids?




It`s not true: Canberra is full of good peoples and organisations thinking about most vulnerable persons.

They were all about to protest, to establish their legal cases against Mr Gentleman`s little slaves auction but…

  …Canberra is a strange place. Something between North Korea and George Orwell`s 1984. Everything depends on the government. If you are not a public servant than almost all of your customers are government or their employees. If you are an ACT organization an important part of your budget comes from government.  Is this Independence? Behave yourself, Big Brother is watching you.

Do you know what it means? Have a look at local media: their most important canbi problem is the question of the way Gunghalin light rail should go.


Independence in ACT? Ability to protest against government policies? Forget it- we are all rising this monster.

We have been creating this government to the stage when little real opposition is possible.

To the stage when politicians are gentlemen recognized only by their name, not by their manners.

To the point when political class is shameless and not responsible to its electorate.

(As a sample of the above-Have you heard about people who died because of negligence in the Disability ACT? Have you heard about Disability ACT directorate resignations as an effect of this? Why not?)



 This pamphlet is full of impotent feelings. Inability to defend kids from administrative cruelty.

It`s full of disbelief in democracy, in its self-healing mechanisms and its values in the times of value for money.

 I wish to be wrong; I wish that this Monday morning phones will start ringing - for kids in out of home care not against them.


Marcin Lazarowicz

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